The Haryana Waqf Board is committed to built a network of academic institutions to provide opportunities of education to Muslim minority and other needs youngsters. The Board is mainly focusing on the education of Muslim community in backward areas. But the educational institutions of the board are open to all communities with equal facilities. The Board has established schools at Ambala and Panipat and an Engineering College at Nuh (district Mewat). The Board is also providing financial assistance to a number of colleges, schools, madarsas and vocational centers run by private institutions/individuals. The Board is also providing scholarships to about 800 needy and deserving students.

Schools under Direct Management of the Board

The Board is running 2 schools under its direct management, one each at Ambala Cantt, at Siwah (Panipat) for the benefit of children belonging to minority community and other weaker sections of the society. These schools have been strengthened with qualified and trained teachers. The school buildings for both the schools have been constructed by the Board from its own resources. The school building at Siwah (Panipat) has been extended with the supplement support of Maulana Azad Education Foundation, New Delhi. The following schools are under direct management of the Board:

(i)Iqbal Model School, Ambala Cantt: This school up to class VIII has been set up on waqf land at Ram Bagh, Ambala Cantt. There are 220 students, mostly poor children from the Ram Bagh colony, and 9 teachers in the school.

(ii)Hali Islamia Public School,Panipat: This school is up to class X and has been recognized by the Haryana Board of Education. It is on National Highway No. 1 in village Siwah, Panipat. There are 673 students and 16 teachers in this school

(iii)Incentive to Students: The Haryana Waqf Board gives school attendance incentive to all category of students of Iqbal Model School, Ambala Cantt and Hali Islamia Public School at Panipat. The Board gives Re 1/- per day for attendance payable quarterly to all the students and an additional amount of Rs 100/- at the time of admission.

Establishment of Library at Panipat

The Board has established a library named Hali Oriental Library & Research Centre in the precincts of Dargah Hazrat Boo Ali Shah Qalandar at Panipat, mainly for learning and research on Sufism and Religion. A new hall for the library has been constructed by the Board. This library is being expanded into a research center, so that research scholars interested in sufi literature could come and study the materials relating to Hzt. Boo Ali Shah Qalandar and other sufi saints. This library houses some of the rarest books concerning the life and history of renowned Muslim scholars and cities of the world, authentic editions on life and sketches of Hali and his contemporaries, some rare collection of literature on Hadith, interpretation of Holy Quran, Islamic jurisprudence etc.

Grants to Schools, Colleges and Madarsas & Maktabs

As many as 390 privately managed maktabs/madrasas, 7 schools and a college are being given supplementary financial assistance from the Board. These institutions are aided by the Board for educational and social upliftment of Muslims and other poor children. The Muslim children studying the Holy Quran, Arabic and Urdu in Madarsas and Maktabs are encouraged to join nearby Government run schools for general studies for building up their career. The Board has asked Madrasas/Maktabs to create awareness among the minority community for enrolment of Muslim children in the Government schools, so that in the morning hours they could attend schools and in the evening they could go to Maktabs for Islamic education.

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